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The Birth of B.O.L.D.

Enhancing the quality of our lives should be an everyday mission. 

Founded by CEO, Ktasha N. Hardge, who's been a full-time entrepreneur in another business for over 15 years, B.O.L.D. (Beautiful Outside Lovingly Divine LLC) is a fashion lifestyle brand that is looking to carve a niche in the fashion industry, focusing on apparel and products for the community of like-minded women and men who believe that mindset truly is everything. What better way to be reminded than by using trendy apparel and everyday products that we use daily.

However, while fashion lovers have continued to enjoy the best of creativity in recent times, no clothing brand has been able to effectively address the needs of people that see fashion beyond the wears and outer looks. This is where B.O.L.D. is looking to make a difference by empowering to express ourselves better through fashion.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. So we are all Beautiful Outside in our own unique way. Being Lovingly Divine is more internal and is for each person to interpret it from their own perspective. But from one's perspective...being Lovingly can mean to always show love. 

And Divine...well...everything happens in divine order. Welcome to B.O.L.D. Subscribe to our list so you can receive first-looks at new releases, discount codes, as well as a sprinkle of occasional emails with motivational and inspirational content to remind you of your greatness.