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What Are Limiting Beliefs - Part 2

If you didn't get to read Part 1 of this Blog Post series - What Are Limiting Beliefs, make sure you go back and read that post. In this post, I'm continuing with examples of other situations where a person will often have limited beliefs.

Let’s say you’re in a job or a relationship that makes you unhappy. It really doesn’t matter which, but you know it's not fulfilling you.

But you STAY THERE anyway! Why? Because you feel it’s the “best you’re going to get.” You think that if you end the relationship, you’ll end up alone. Or if you quit your job, you won't find anything better or wind up homeless. 

A lack of esteem means that you don’t think you can get “better.” You effectively think you aren’t “worth” more than that. And this then leads you to make some terrible mistakes.

Some people will even stay in abusive relationships because they don’t feel that they will find anything better! Some even feel that they deserve the abuse they receive.

Not all limiting beliefs can seem like negative things on the face of it. For example, how about your sense of “self.” We all have a sense of who we are, but most of us don’t think of this as a limiting belief!

Of course, who you think you are is not always limiting… but it can be!

The perfect example of this is what happens when you get stuck in “type thinking.” This is when you think that you are a certain “type” of person, or that you have a certain set of traits… and then you let that dictate who you are going forward.

You might have a habit of engaging in behaviors that brings you more harm than good. Let's take a smoker for example. If you are a smoker, you might not want to stop smoking because you have “always smoked.” Or, you might not want to improve your diet because you love being known as the guy or girl who eats everything. You might not approach clients because you think of yourself as shy.

As you can see then, limiting beliefs really can be extremely problematic and hurt every aspect of your life – and we’ve still only touched on a few things. For this reason, it’s time to start doing something about them.

What many people don’t realize is that they can actually become luckier by changing their beliefs about themselves and what will happen in their lives. This may sound absurd, but it makes a lot of sense once you understand the logic behind it all.

People tend to think that luck is something that is out of their control. After all, that's pretty much the definition of luck; luck is good things happening to you often that you did not directly cause. Luck is winning the lottery, luck is finding money on the floor and luck is being in the right place at the right time and meeting the person who becomes the love of your life or offers you that amazing job.

But while luck might seem out of our hands, we all know some people who just seem to have 'all the luck'. These are the people who have all the good things happen to them and almost seem to have a charmed life… And for one person to be that consistently lucky? It seems a little statistically improbable!

So what's really going on here?

It all begins with changing your self-perception and your attitude. I will begin to talk about that in the next post.